Donate vs. Toss

Ever wonder whether that old item you don’t want should be donated or tossed?  Here’s some helpful info:


If it’s resale quality and usable, donate it.

We do not take cleaning supplies, used car seats, major appliances, construction remains, anything recalled by the CPSC, paint, makeup, mattress sets or weapons.

Once your donation is ready to go, simply bring it to any of our convenient donation locations.  Have a large donation? We will gladly come pick it up from your home for FREE!  Simply call us at 1-800-964-4567 (or 1-844-411-2462 if in the Marietta, GA area) or request a pickup online.  As always, if you have a large quantity to donate or if your donation is worth a significant amount, be sure to check it off on your donation receipt our attendant will leave with you or fill yours out online and print a copy for your records. For reference, view our Donation Value Guide.


Take a good look at the items you have to get rid of. Are any of the clothes or shoes completely unwearable? Is the sofa your parents gave you ripped to irreplaceable shreds? Do your appliances work like they are supposed to? Can you imagine anyone being able to use what you have to donate? Tacky or ugly is okay, but unusable and broken is not. Please don’t treat a donation center like a dump. You’re not just donating to get rid of junk, you’re doing it to help others less fortunate, so please be considerate with your donations.

Thank you for taking the time to donate!  Each item you donate goes to help those in need. 

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