Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping at ATS

How can I find a store location?

  • Please click here for our store locations.

What are your store hours?

  • Please click here for our store hours.

Who prices the items?

  • We have a great team of people who sort, hang and price items each and every day. Individually, they look at thousands of items each day and price them before they hit our sales floor.

Do we have dressing rooms?

  • Some of our stores do have dressing rooms. For those stores that do not, we advise shoppers to wear a pair of leggings and a tank top so you can try items on in the store before you purchase. Next time you’re in one of our locations, I bet you can find someone else doing the same thing!

Do you have a rewards program?

  • We expect to be announcing a rewards program in 2019. Stay tuned!


What types of items do you sell?

  • You name it, we sell it! Clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, bikes, sports equipment, even on occasion, cars! Please click here to see an extensive list of items we offer.

Do you offer gift cards/certificates?

  • We currently offer gift certificates in $5, $10, $20 and $25 increments. They may be purchased at any register in any of our store locations.

How do I know the items you sell are safe?

  • We make every effort to ensure everything we sell is good quality and in working order. However, even we may miss something, so when in doubt, call the manufacturer to ask questions. You can also bring in your item for an store credit. Click here to read our exchange policy.

What if I have a specific safety/recall question about an item I bought at your store?

  • It’s always best to contact the manufacturer of the item in question. Many times, they’ll even send you a replacement for free.

Can I purchase items online?

  • We are sorry, but all items must be purchased in our stores.

If a tag is missing, what should I do?

  • If you find a piece missing a tag, please bring it to check out and ask for it to be retagged. We will swiftly price the item and you can be on your way!

Have the clothes been washed?

  • No, the clothing on the racks have not been washed.

Do you sanitize your merchandise?

  • Our research over the years has shown us that most donors truly want to give items that can be re-used or re-sold. Over 60% of our donations are actually handed directly to one of our Attendants at our stores, during a free home pickup or at our manned donation centers. In these cases (face to face), donors don’t typically give items in poor condition. While we don’t wash or sanitize received donations, we are very careful to separate items that are not in re-sale condition. We also refresh our merchandise by spraying it with a non-allergenic industrial strength deodorizer.
  • As a precautionary measure, customers may want to wash or sanitize items before putting them to use.

How long can we keep furniture on hold?

  • Please speak with the manager if you need help in this area.

Discounts and Policies

What is next week’s discount?

  • We publish our discount colors on our facebook page each Monday morning. Follow us online at to stay in the know!

How much is the Senior Discount?

  • We proudly offer a 10% Senior Discount every Monday with valid ID.

What are your discount days?

  • We have three separate days for discounts.
  • Monday is our Senior Day – 10% off with valid ID
  • Wednesday is our Hero’s Day – 10% off for First Responders and military personnel with valid ID
  • Thursday is Education Day – 10% off for college students, teachers and education personnel with valid ID

How do the discounts work?

  • We have a variety of discounts. First, we have the two weekly color discounts – one color tag will be 30% off the ticket price and one will be 50% off the ticket price. You will generally find more of them Monday – Wednesday so shop early for the best deals! Second, we offer 3 discount days to specific customers. They are listed above. Please note – NO discounts are available on new items, new furniture, mattress sets or consumables.

Can you change the price if I think it is too high?

  • We know price is an important factor when it comes to purchasing and we strive to provide the lowest prices possible, while ensuring each store is able to give generously to the local charity it directly supports. If you ever have a question about a price, please ask for the manager.

Do you offer LAY AWAY / financing on items?

  • We currently do not offer lay away or financing.

How does the return policy work?

  • Please click here to read our return policy.

Donating at ATS

How can I find a donation location?

  • Please click here and type in your zip code. Then you will be able to see the donation location most convenient to you.

Do you pick up donations?

  • YES! We will gladly pick up donations at your home or business for free! Please click here to request a free donation pick-up.

What areas do you pick-up in?

  • We provide home pick-up services in several locations throughout Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana.

I have a bunch of items that’s hardly used. Will you buy it from me?

  • Sorry, we do not purchase items from individuals. However, since our stores support local charities and ministries, we’d be happy to accept your gently used items as a donation on behalf of one of our nonprofit partners.

What items do you NOT take?

We cannot accept the following items:

  • Mattresses/box springs (for sanitary reasons)
  • Hazardous waste/materials
  • Pepper spray/mace
  • Used children’s car seats
  • Used major appliances
  • PC’s / Computers / Printers
  • Box TVs (tube, cabinet, console). We will only accept flat monitor style.
  • Construction remains (i.e. carpet scraps, boards with nails, etc.)
  • Items recalled by the CPSC
  • Liquids
  • Firearms, stun guns and firearms accessories

What charities do you support?

We proudly have local charity partners in each state:

How does ATS get its merchandise?

  • America’s Thrift Stores collects donated items from our stand alone donation bins, Community Donation Trailer sites, scheduled home pickup service and from items that are donated directly at our store locations.

How much money do the nonprofit organizations actually make?

  • ATS purchases its merchandise from its sourcing suppliers by weight and volume at or above fair market value. Due to supply and demand cycles of retail business, the income to the nonprofit organizations varies by month per individual market. Our goal is to donate $10 million annually within 10 years.

Does America’s Thrift Stores get a tax break for buying all of its merchandise from sourcing suppliers who benefit non-profit organizations?

  • No. America’s Thrift Stores is a for-profit company that supports non-profit charities and pays ALL local, state and federal taxes, and, like many other retail companies, also pays labor, rent, cost of goods, insurances and other standard business expenses.

Working at ATS

How do I apply for a job?

  • We are always looking for new talent! Please click here to see all of our openings and apply today!

Where can I send a resumé?

  • We are always looking for new talent! Please click here to apply and upload your resumé.

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