organized thrift store rack of jackets

We’re Not Your Mama’s Thrift Store

Thrift stores can be overwhelming and disorganized, but that’s not us. At America’s Thrift Stores, we pride ourselves on our stores’ cleanliness and meticulous organization.

We have 44 women’s clothing categories, 30 men’s categories, and 41 kid’s categories, all sorted by size, making sure that it’s unbelievably easy to find that treasure you’re on the hunt for.

Looking for picture frames? We have a section for that. Workout equipment? A section for that too.

At America’s Thrift Stores, we strive to deliver a thrift experience like you’ve truly never seen.

picture frames at thrift store

10,000+ Items Added Every Day

We refresh each of our stores with over 10,000 unique items every single day, which is where we got the tagline “Where it’s a new store every day.” That’s the equivalent of 14 items being added to the sales floor every minute!

Our employees are constantly rolling out new inventory to the floor so that it’s never picked over. Always fresh. Isn’t that exciting?!

secondhand books on shelf at new thrift store in phenix city
secondhand toys organized on shelf