Thrifty Christmas Table

Posted on November 28, 2014

The holidays are here! You’re out spending money on presents and decorations. But wait! Your family and friends are coming over, you forgot to decorate the table AND you’re short on holiday cash. Panic.

Breathe! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on your table. The thrift store has a great selection of mix and match items perfect for your table. Who says every setting need to look the same anyway? Many designers are now coming out with mix and matched designs. Take inspiration from them and create a fun and festive tablescape inexpensively. It’s easier than you think. You just need to know where to start. (Check out the gallery below.)

1. Pick out a theme. Before you venture out, pick out a fun color to work with. For the holidays, try a red, green or even blue. Find pieces that can be intertwined through one base color. Maybe you want to go with a nature theme. Pick out plates with painted branches or poinsettias. Don’t forget to include the napkins!  To add depth and color, pick a festive napkin to place in between the salad plate and dinner plate. The different color and texture will bring some interest to your tablescape. There are so many possibilities! It’s just a matter of finding something to bring your creation together.

2. Think outside the box.  Don’t have enough dinner glasses? Use mason jars as glasses. We are in the south, you know. Also, search for decorative votive holders. Use them as appetizer holders, placing one on top of each person’s plate. What a great way to show your guests what’s to come! While you’re shopping, search for items which can be used for multiple purposes. It’s always great to find objects you purchase once and use over and over again.

3. Remember the middle. Create an inviting table by putting together an easy and affordable centerpiece. While you’re at the thrift store, search for a fabric that can be used as a runner. Look for candlestick holders and a large lantern or bird cage. (If the lantern or bird cage is scuffed or the door hinge is broken, it’s still perfect. You can repaint it or leave it as it is for a rustic feel.) Place a candle inside and weave pine branches in and around centerpiece. Stretch the greenery along the table and hide the candlestick holders underneath the twigs. Arrange the objects on the runner for an easy centerpiece for your Christmas dinner.

4. Have fun! It’s Christmas! It’s time to play, be creative and see what you can create! Don’t be afraid to visit more than one location, or more than once, to gather your items. Each of our stores have unique items and literally restock the shelves every hour. You never know what treasures are hiding in the back just waiting to be carted out. So, take your time, be creative and enjoy the process. (Helpful hint: sign up for our email newsletter and receive an instant coupon for your next shopping trip!)

Christmas is one of our biggest holidays, but preparing for it doesn’t have to break the bank. Using these simple tips can help create a unique and fun experience your family and friends will talk about for years to come. Just be careful. They may expect you to host every year after they see your creative Christmas display!

Have you ever created a tablescape from items found in one of our stores? We want to hear about it! Post it on our facebook page!