Thriftanista in the City

Posted on July 13, 2015

This weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting Troy, the voice behind Thriftanista in the City, at our Riverdale location.  While she shopped, we asked her for a few pieces of advice to anyone who is beginning their thrifting journey:

1. Patience is a virtue.  It takes a lot of patience to go through each rack and inspect each element of clothing.  Don’t come in expecting to walk right to an item that is made for you.  Be ready to look and spend time hunting through the racks and shelves.  After spending that time looking, it makes the find that more special.

2. Come in a long skirt or tight pants.  Most thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms, but the good ones have mirrors.  So, don’t be afraid to try on clothes over those tight pants or under your long skirt.  While we do take items back, it is for store credit only.  Make sure to get the best bang for your buck by slipping on an article of clothing in front of the mirror.

3. Want a tank top?  Look in the lingerie section. Yep.  Sounds weird, right?  But, think about it.  Some sleep tops are silky and still appropriate to wear under jackets or sweaters.  Plus, there’s a possibility that a silky or satin tank top was mistaken for a sleep shirt.

4. Trust what you like.  Yes, that top may be $.99, but if you don’t like it, it’s not for you.  Don’t worry about name brands or how much the items are.  You are shopping for you.  And if you don’t like it, odds are, you’ll never wear it.  Thrift stores carry a variety of looks, brands, and trends.  So, make your money count by shopping for items that you like.

We had such a fun time shopping with Thriftanista in the City!  Check out the gallery below to see her trip.