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5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted on March 25, 2021

Spring cleaning is a great way to clear your mind and bounce into a new season with a fresh start, but it can also be overwhelming. With these 5 tips, spring cleaning is easy breezy and you can avoid the irrefutable urge to pull your hair out while getting it done.

1. One Room at a Time

Declutter, clean, and organize one room at a time. Cleaning bits and pieces all over your house at once will make the hefty task of spring cleaning very overwhelming. You probably want to start with the rooms in your home that are going to be the toughest to organize. That way, it will get easier as you go.

2. Make a Schedule

You know when you say you’re going to do something and then the time comes and you think, “nope I’ll do that later.” It’s kind of like how having a personal trainer to guide you through a workout makes you way more motivated to finish versus doing it on your own. Make a spring cleaning schedule with the order of rooms you will be cleaning. Treat it like a checklist, and mark those rooms “done” as you go. It will make you feel a lot more accomplished when you do finish a room and keep you on track for the next task.

3. Declutter

Don’t just clean, dust, and reorganize your home. It’s important to go through junk drawers, clothes, and other storage spaces to get rid of anything that just doesn’t bring you joy anymore. While you are decluttering, think “when is the last time I used this?” If it’s been a while, it’s probably safe to get rid of. When it comes to clothing, if you haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s time to let it go.

After all, a cluttered home makes a cluttered mind.

Instead of just throwing those items in the trash, consider donating them to America’s Thrift Stores. By doing this, you help keep millions of pounds of donatable goods out of landfills. Plus, your donations benefit our local charity partners and their efforts to change the lives of those battling addiction and children with critical illnesses.

4. Work from Top to Bottom

This is a crucial step in cleaning your home and making sure you are working smarter, not harder. Always work from the top of the room to the bottom to make sure you aren’t doubling your work. When you clean off a countertop then dust the top of a ceiling fan, you will have to go back and wipe that countertop down again. We want to be efficient with the way we clean!

5. Reward Yourself

Look, spring cleaning is no joke. It’s important to reward yourself for the hard work you have put in. You may want to reward yourself after each room you finish cleaning. Or you might spread out the task over a weekend and reward yourself at the end of each day with a yummy steak dinner, a massive dessert, and a date night with yourself and a good movie. Can you tell I’m hungry writing this?

Donate the Decluttered

After you have given yourself a pat on the back for spring cleaning, donate the items you decided to get rid of. Here are three ways to donate to America’s Thrift Stores.

Store Donation Centers

There are actually two places to donate at each America’s Thrift Stores. Drop off your donations at the drive-up donation center on the side of the store or at the Drop & Shop at the store’s entrance. After you drop off your donations, head inside to shop for new clothing for spring and summer.

Community Donation Bins

America’s Thrift Stores has thousands of donation bins in the five states we operate in, making it super convenient to find a bin near you. Just drive up and drop off!

Free Home Pickup

If you live in a city with an America’s Thrift Store and have more than two bags of donation goods, schedule a free home pickup with us. You can even leave your donations on your porch for a contactless home pickup. This is also a great option if you have large pieces of furniture you would like to donate.

Who Does it Benefit?

America’s Thrift Stores is a for-profit company that supports numerous children’s health and addiction recovery charities. A portion of our net profits is contributed to these regional and national charities when you make a donation at America’s Thrift Stores. This funding enables these organizations to carry out their charitable works.

For example, when you donate gently used household items to America’s Thrift Stores in Alabama, Make-A-Wish Alabama receives a monetary donation from us.


Make-A-Wish Alabama

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Home of Grace

Louisiana Adult and Teen Challenge

Adult and Teen Challenge MidSouth
Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee

by Taylor Wagnon

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