Please Note:

1. The cutoff date for fundraising is May 1. We provide weekly reports of weight collections to our Make-A-Wish Alabama Trailblaze contact.

2. You will need to bring the Trailblaze Workbook form to the store as well as have a copy for home pick-ups. These will be used to record the weight of your donations. If someone is donating on your behalf, they will also need to have a copy of the Trailblaze Workbook form.

3. After you schedule a home pick-up be sure to print the completed form to provide to America’s Thrift Stores driver team when they arrive to collect the donations.

4. Please also note there is no limit on the number of pick-ups however, to schedule a pick-up you need a minimum of 25 bags. There is no minimum or scheduling needed to drop off donations at our store locations.

5. Items bigger than a microwave will not be weighed or counted towards fundraising goal.

Here’s how to raise those pounds:

1. Declutter your closets, garages, cabinets, basements, and storage units to donate items!

2. Host a donation drive at your home, in your neighborhood, at your church or business!

3. Promote on social media that you’re collecting items and stop by your friends’ homes to take those items off their hands.

4. Ask your business, church, gym, etc. to let you put a donation box in the lobby for people to donate.