Posted on March 20, 2015

keep-donate-tossHave you ever watched Hoarders and worried you may be on the next episode? Each year we accumulate items, memories, pictures and sentiments which sit on our shelves, in boxes and even on our floor. Then, spring arrives along with the Spring Cleaning bug and we survey all we’ve added over the last year. It’s time to declutter.

If you’re like us, it’s hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. No worries! We’re here to help!

Before you begin your clutter purge, grab 3 bins or boxes. Label each with “keep” “toss” and “donate”. Set them in the cleanest space of the room, away from objects. This will help you keep your organization project away from the clutter.
As you begin, as yourself the following questions of items you find hard to place:

  • What does this item do for me that nothing else does? Do I have anything else that does this better?
  • Is there another object that reminds me of the same thing? Is there another object that can perform this task?
  • Does this have sentimental value? Is there a reason I’m keeping it? Do I have a picture or other object that brings me the same memories?

Once you’re done with your self-interrogation, find its bin!

Keep those items that you need, use regularly or have deep sentimental value.

Toss papers or things that are broken. (Tip: make sure you shred those items with personal information on them to prevent identity theft.)

Donate items that are intact, need to be repaired, and that are gently used. Anything that could be used again, even with a little work, can be donated. We happen to know a few ministries that would accept those donations!

After you’ve conquered one room, sit down, have yourself a glass of lemonade and move onto the next area.

Once you have completed your decluttering mission, empty out the keep box, putting those special items in safe places, and throw away items in the toss box, making sure that all personal info is safely disposed of. Gather up those donatable items and contact us to schedule a free home pick-up. Already out and about? As always you can drop off your gently used goods at one of our stores or donation locations. All donations go to benefit our ministry partners in their efforts in helping others.

In just a short time, you can conquer your clutter and help others out as well!

Have you used this method? Let us know how it worked for you! Comment on our facebook page and we might use your comments in an upcoming post.