Reduce, Reuse, THRIFT!

When you donate and shop at America’s Thrift Stores, you are keeping clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, household items and so much more out of landfills!  This helps keep our environment clean.

In 2016, with your help, we kept 21.3 MILLION POUNDS of textiles (clothing, sheets, towels, etc.) out of landfills.

How can you help?  Reduce, Reuse, THRIFT!

Reduce. Reuse. DONATE.
Donating gently used clothing and household items keep them out of our local landfills. In 2016, we recycled 725,205 pounds of paper and cardboard, including un-sellable books. We even recycle the boxes that contained your donations!

Reduce. Reuse. THRIFT.
Reduce – Purchasing merchandise at our thrift store keeps all those items out of the landfills, which ultimately helps the environment.

Reuse – Most of our donated items are gently used and can be reused. This is especially true for Children’s clothing, which they outgrow before they’re even broken in!

THRIFT – Donations are given a second life at America’s Thrift Stores. We offer a vast selection of items at an amazing value to our shoppers every day.

Reduce. Reuse. HELP THE WORLD.​
Most of the goods we purchase from our nonprofit partners are sold, re-purposed or recycled locally, but some of the unsold items are baled and sent overseas. By providing recycled items to emerging markets, we help foreign nations re-invest in their local economies by providing job opportunities.

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