Summer Entertainment

Thrift Store #23 - Puzzles & GamesAre you counting down to the beginning of school simply because the kids are driving you crazy?  Here’s 3 inexpensive activities that can help cure the summer blues:

1. Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of random items and see how many you can find in one of our locations!  Need inspiration or ideas?  Check out this article for a list of things you might want to add to your list.

2. Games and Puzzles – Walk into any big box store and the games and puzzles are priced at $10 or more.  Visit one of our locations, and you’ll find games and puzzles for as low as $.99!  Look and see if you can introduce your little one to one of your favorites as a child or take on a new adventure by playing a game you’ve never played before!  While you’re scoping the games out, check out our puzzle selection.  From 25 to 1,000 pieces, there’s a fun challenge there for any age.

3. Play Dress Up – Stroll through the one of our locations and pick up some really different styles and sizes of clothes, shoes, and accessories and have a fun day of dress-up at home! Find some items to help them become their favorite movie, book, or cartoon character.  Or, look for clothing that you wore at their age.  Once they’re dressed up, snap a pic so you can compare old family photos with current ones.  For a great family keepsake, print the pics out and add them to a frame.

So, hurry in and gather your supplies to make it through till the end of summer.  Don’t worry, parents.  The start of school is right around the corner!

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