21 Tips to Help Get You Ready to Move

Use the tips below to help make your move smooth and easy:

  1. Pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes, essential toiletries and medicines. Once you get everything to your new home, you may be too tired to unpack and find everything.
  2. If you know you’re not taking it with you, donate it to our ministry and charity partners. Gather those items and drop it off at your nearest donation location or contact us to come pick it up for free!
  3. Pack those items you want to unload first in a clear tub. This will help you locate it among all the boxes.
  4. Wrap breakable objects in clothing and towels to help save on bubble wrap. Kill two birds with one store and put those glasses in socks and plates in t shirts.
  5. Label boxes on the side as well as the top. Make sure to include the objects inside, the room it goes in and an arrow to indicate which end up. Also color code your boxes by room as well as number them in unpacking order.
  6. If there is a way to get in your new home before you move, clean the bathroom and kitchen.  Make sure to clean or change the toilet seats and put up a new shower curtain. Nothing is better after a long day of moving boxes than a long, hot shower.
  7. Ladies, place cotton balls in powder makeup to keep your foundation or eye shadow from breaking. To keep toiletries from spilling, open bottles and place a plastic bag around it, zip it close, then put the top back on. Triple coverage.
  8. Pack drawers, jewelry displays and trays containing silver wear using Glad Press ‘N Seal.  Dressers are already packed like moving boxes. No point in packing extra boxes.
  9. Purchase a roll of stretch wrap. This will help group boxes together and keep furniture from being scratched and dented.
  10. Pack groups of hardware in labeled sandwich bags and attach them to the object it goes to. You don’t want to show up at your new home and look for half of a curtain rod set.
  11. Take a photo of how each electronic device is put together.
  12. Utilize hampers, drawers, suitcases, picnic baskets and even trash cans to cut down on moving boxes.
  13. What’s the quickest way to pack a closet? Group them using kitchen garbage bags.
  14. If you’re lucky enough to have friends and family help you move, offer them food and drink.  Moving takes a lot out of you.
  15. Speaking of friends and family. Make sure everything is ready to move BEFORE they get there.  They’re gracious enough to take time out of their day to help you. Respect their time by having everything ready to go.
  16. If you have large, valuable objects, it may pay to hire a moving company. Reputable moving companies are insured and leave you protected if your great grandmother’s piano breaks during the move.
  17. If you’re renting, take pics of the apartment or house before you move in. Also, note any cracks or scuffs in the walls and floors to protect your security deposit.
  18. Change your address TWO WEEK PRIOR to moving. For a complete check list of the paces to change your address, click here.
  19. If you’re moving within the same city, hire a sitter to watch the kids or pets. You have enough going on.  The last thing you need to worry about is losing the kids.
  20. Defrost your refrigerator before moving. And wipe away any liquid.
  21. Once you’ve moved in, donate any items that didn’t make the cut into the new place to our ministry and charity partners. Contact us and let us come take it away for free!
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