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America's Thrift Stores is a Great Place to Work

America’s Thrift Stores is a great place to work.  It’s the kind of place you can grow and feel good about making a difference.  Here are some testimonials from employees who work at a place “Where Every Purchase Helps Others”:

James Beshears – Birmingham, AL Corporate Office – POS Analyst – 3 months

“For me, America’s Thrift Stores offers several opportunities that are difficult to find in a typical corporate environment. I am able to do meaningful work that makes use of my education and skillset, where I not only crunch numbers but can extrapolate data into tangible action items. Also, I enjoy interacting with senior leadership and feel free to express my opinions on how to improve our processes. Most importantly, however, I love working for an organization with a clear sense of purpose in its support of private charities and ministries.”

Diana Wain – Pell City, AL – Manager

“I’m thankful for the opportunity that America’s Thrift Stores have given me to fulfill the career path that I have chosen. I feel a sense of accomplishment through the relationships that I have established with my direct reports, and for having a part in making a difference in the lifes of others through the ministries that we support. I look forward to my journey ahead and in helping grow this company that I love.”

Ninia Kyles – Mobile, AL – Day, Front End – 8 Years

“For hard working and committed employees, Americas Thrift Store offers a great place to grow and develop. As I continue to challenge myself, I’m given new areas in which I can grow. “

Roshanna Russell – Mobile, AL – Day Supervisor – 10 years

“I began my journey as a cashier with Americas Thrift Store in 2004, and since that time I have been given many opportunities to grow and expand my career. One of the things that I love about Americas Thrift Store is that the company does a great job of making each employee feel like they are part of a family, which causes co-workers to truly care about each other and the company.”

 Donna Trimm – Gardendale, AL – 4 years

“The thing I love most about America’s Thrift Stores is that its family oriented. I came to America’s Thrift Stores thinking it would be a temporary job but I’m happy to say that four years later I’m still employed here. I’ve learned a lot at America’s Thrift Stores, I started out as a cashier – floor worker and now I run front end and take care of new inventory. Here at America’s Thrift Stores I feel like my thoughts and opinions matter. We are like family here and we work as a team knowing that all we do is helping those that are in need. I’m excited to see what the next four years will bring.”

 Casey Lopez – Gardendale, AL – 9 months

“I am really happy to be working for America’s Thrift Stores because I know every purchase helps someone in need. It makes me feel good to know that the company I work for is helping others. I have the most amazing manager I know, I can go to her for anything. The employees there are not just my co-workers they are my family and I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else.”

Tommy Bailey – Jasper, AL – Dock Supervisor – 14 years

“I started working with America’s Thrift Store in 2000. I had always worked road construction. I was never happy with my job; but, then I started working here and I really love it. I have made a lot of friends in fourteen years. We have such a good bunch of people that work here in the Jasper store and I believe we have some of the best customers anywhere. It feels good to know that what you do makes a difference in someone else’s life.”

Jennifer Harper – Jasper, AL – Night Shift, Front End – 4 years

“I have been with America’s Thrift Store for four years. I enjoy working for this company because it provides good quality merchandise and low pricing for people- and with this economy the way it is today- it benefits everyone. Our company being a Christian based organization that helps those in need is also an awesome bonus. I love the people I work with and I have a great management team who encourages me to be the best that I can be. I enjoy coming to work every day. Between regular customers and new ones, it’s like one big family.”

Carolyn Brown – Decatur, AL – Night Shift Supervisor – 2.5 years

“I started with America’s Thrift Stores as a 2nd Shift Cashier. Today, I am a 2nd Shift Supervisor thanks to our great store manager. He helped me work my way up. I love working for this company. They are very caring and wonderful. I have been through a lot while with the company and they were always there for me and my family. Our management team is great. They are willing to help anyone climb up to another position. Our team pitches in to help each other out when times are hard. Our management team treats us real good and really makes you feel like part of the family. We have the best store and family.”

Helen Roberson – Athens, GA – 4 years

“One of the main reasons I am proud to work for America’s Thrift Stores is because it is a Christian-based organization. From the time I was hired, management has always been down-to-earth and that gave me a sense of belonging at a place that has a caring atmosphere; a place where everyone is treated the same and viewed as equals. I have enjoyed my four years here and hope to continue that for years to come.”

Karen Barnett – Athens, GA – 1.5 years

“I have been with the company for almost 2 years. I have always loved working in retail. I am able to meet new people every day and have loyal customers that I serve daily as well. Through our ministry partners, I get to help people from all walks of life; from domestic violence victims to families who have lost their homes. I love working here because these are the people who we help out the most. I am proud to be a part of the team here. I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. I take a lot of pride in my work and helping people is what makes me the happiest. I can say that working for America’s Thrift Stores has been the most rewarding job I have ever had.”

Betty Hulbert – Baton Rouge, LA – Manager Trainee – 4 years

“Working at Americas Thrift Stores has given me a stronger sense of business confidence. Working with people who are willing to take the time needed to make sure you fully understand all aspects of the job is really important. The opportunities for advancement and competitive pay are quite an incentive. All these things combined makes working at here an enjoyable experience. “

Paulette Rideau – Baton Rouge, LA – Supervisor – 4 years

“I like working at America’s Thrift Stores because it allows me the chance to meet wonderful people. I also like the opportunities for advancement and admire my Management Team because they encourage me and let me know when I am doing a good job.”

Belinda – Chattanooga, TN – 10 years

“My name is Belinda and I have been a member of the America’s Thrift Stores staff for 10 years. I decided to apply for a job with the company after learning about what they did and most importantly to me – America’s Thrift Stores is a Christian-based company. I applied after being a stay at home mom for 5 years. I began as a cashier and through the years I have worked in several departments. I am currently the Wholesale person for the Chattanooga location.

What I love about America’s Thrift Stores is the Morning Prayer at the beginning of my day, as well as a weekly bible study. Anyone can join in these activities if they choose to, if they decline…well that’s ok too. I have worked with some great bosses who not only show strong leadership, but compassion as well.

My motto has always been, ‘I come to work, to work…not to make friend,’ and I stuck to that for years.  Since joining the team at America’s Thrift Stores, that has changed.  I have met some amazing people who have held my hand, laughed and cried with me through good times and bad. I work with people who will not hesitate to offer words of encouragement or just that friendly smile that can turn a bad day into a good one. I am truly blessed to consider my co-workers as family.”

Rhonda Simmons – Chattanooga, TN – 2.5 years

“I was hired after being a stay at home mom for 10 years. I am so blessed to be a part of this company. I know God has sent me here to be a light to a lost and dying world.  On June 29th 2011, I had a heart attack with an 80% blockage in the main valve of my heart. After having surgery and a five week recovery period, I was able to return to the company that has been so good to me.  I have never felt so much love! Instead of coworkers, the employees seem like family: we have awesome bosses and great people here at the Chattanooga store working with us. I enjoy my job and meeting the many faithful customers I come in contact with every day.”

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